Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Down to Business

So one of the main reasons there has been so very few updates recently is due to the fact that I have a distinct lack of internet at my new Apartment. Oh, did I mention I got a new apartment? I'm living in East Hollywood just a Stone's throw from Titmouse, Being able to bike to work is quite the treat.

What Have I been doing at said studio you ask? After graduating school Titmouse put me to work animating on season 3 of Metalocalypse, which wrapped up a month or two ago, so be on the look out for that one in the near future... I think it is airing at the same time as the new episodes of the Venture Bros... Also, keep an eye open for yours' truely in the season finally... I may or may not have managed to sneak myself into the episode somewhere...

As for the present I have some unexpected time off and will do my best to use it to get some new art done to post here... Such as this!

ABOVE: Alyx & Myself being awesome. (as always)

FUN FACT: The Platypus is the only mammal known to be venomous.

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