Thursday, April 9, 2009


In the CalArts Experimental Animation program there is an end of the year event called "Showcase" in which the heads of the department choose 12-15 films created that year by the 90+ Bachelors and Masters students.

This yeah I have been fortunate enough to get accepted into this presigiouse line up with my 5 minute film "July." I have been working on it since January of 2007. The film contains several different styles of animation in it such as hand drawn, stop-motion, live action, rotoscoping, stratacut, sand animation, and After Effects.

At the time of the film's creation most of these techniques of animation were very new to me, so I learned alot along the way...

For a taste of what the film is like I'm including some new screen shots and some old ones you've already seen

Fun Fact: on an airplane the black box is acctually bright orange so it is easier to spot in the wreakage of a crashed plane.


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