Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hello hello,

Summer is quickly approaching and I am still trying to figure out my plans,
I have been offered a summer job at Titmouse inc. the studio I have been interning at this semester.

They would have me working on a awesome new mini series that would be coming out on BET, based on the well known super hero The Black Panther

When I say it's gonna be awesome, I mean it's gonna be awesome...

This however brings up a tricky problem though... I must choose between a summer dream job in California or spending the summer months with my dream girl in Portland... Poetic ain't it?

A lot of it will come down to if I can find a good place to live for the rest of the summer...

FUN FACT: The term Mad as a Hatter was coined in the 19th century, mercury was key component in the hat making process this resulted in mercury poisoning which cause symptoms attributed to insanity. Even today mercury poisoning is reffered to as "Mad Hatter's disease"


  1. You won't get a better opportunity in Portland to stow away some cash, meet new colleagues, and network.. it's invaluable!

  2. It's hard to dismiss your opinion sir, as you know I value it greatly... Does this mean I would miss your wedding though? Is that still happening?

  3. We're delaying it until next spring..! Unless she changes her mind, in which case.. I'm moving out of the country to try something new.. go for it! Congrats!