Saturday, February 14, 2009

Zoë is a good artist.

Well, its that time of year again folks Valentines day, when couples get cutesy and single get bitter.

I being in the first of those two categories, commissioned a good friend of mine by the name of Zoë Moss to draw my lady a picture. the end result, as you will see below, turned out amazing.

No, its not the thing from Never Ending story, that's Appa the Flying Bison from the Nickelodeon series "Avatar the Last Air Bender."

If you want to see more of Zoë's work, you should check out her website and Deviant Art page

Fun Fact: Worldwide, there are roughly 15 million people of Jewish faith and over 2 billion Christain.

1 comment:

  1. DAAAWW!!!!!

    Thank you for the sweetest shoutout ever.

    I was most happy to do it and the results (your and her happiness) made it all incredibly worth while.