Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to the 3rd world...

Here's a screenshot of a video I worked on last summer, its a music video for the Portland based band The Dandy Warhols named "Welcome to the 3rd World"

I had a very, very,
very small hand in this, I think it was a whopping total of 48 frames... but hey, it still counts right? The video is too big to post here but if you follow this link it will take you straight there:

Welcome to the 3rd World

Hope you enjoy it.

Fun Fact: only 21% of Americans have passports.


  1. I have a passport, and I'm scared of it. Didn't know you had a blog! sweeeet. so what 48 frams are yours?

  2. It's the scene right before the wolf pulls out the joint... best damn' 48 frames of the music video if you ask me.

  3. yeah those are some nice frames. You are full of skillz. I like that this is computery but still uses lots of more traditional frame by frame drawing as well. I think lots of computer projects would benefit from this....also the song is catchy, ha!